MediaStorm Guide to Installing Missing Final Cut Pro Codecs for Premiere Pro

This article is part of a new series of posts with tips and tricks from our producers' experience working with Adobe Premiere Pro after years of working in Final Cut Pro. To read more about why we made the switch, check out this post. This great tip comes from Jonathan Grubbs via Josh Meltzer. Should you install Premiere Pro on a machine without Final Cut Pro, you will find your machine missing some key codecs such as ProRes. The solution is straightforward. Quit Premiere Pro. Download the ProApps Quicktime Codecs from the Apple site. You’ll receive an error if you try to install the codec package without FCP on your system. The workaround is to first install the free application unpkg. Drag the ProAppsQTCodecs.pkg file on to the unpkg icon. Unpkg wil extract the components to your desktop. In the Finder select Go > Go to Folder… (Command-Shift-G). Enter /Library/QuickTime. Drag the…

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MediaStorm Introduces Asset Parser for Final Cut Pro 7 and Premiere Pro 6

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Today we are releasing our Asset Parser for public use. This free online tool created by the MediaStorm production and development staff generates a list of all image, video and audio files used in a project. When it's time to color correct photography, rather than scanning the timeline for image names, we use the Asset Parser to create a quick list. These file names can then be copy-and-pasted into Apple’s Aperture or a similar application to locate the necessary photographs. Here's an example of an asset list generated by the parser. In addition to speeding up your color correction workflow, this list can be used as a guide for other tasks, such as manually archiving your work. The Asset Parser works with both Final Cut Pro 7 and Premiere Pro 6. Try using the Asset Parser with your project at

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MediaStorm Launches Online Training Educational Program

MediaStorm is pleased to announce a new Educational Program that offers discounted Online Training licenses to students at participating universities. MediaStorm Online Training Educational Program The MediaStorm Online Training Educational Program offers a simple way for educational institutions to use our acclaimed training in their classrooms. In just three easy steps we'll have your classroom learning from our award-winning production staff. How It Works Our Educational Program makes it easy for educators to integrate our training into their curriculum, while offering a significant discount to students. The training modules can be incorporated into the program syllabus just like a textbook and can be accessed by students at any time during the semester. Notable institutions like the University of Missouri and Syracuse University have already made the MediaStorm Online Training experience a regular part of their curriculum. For tomorrow's multimedia journalists and visual storytellers, there's no better way to learn. Sign Up Today…

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PhotoShelter Releases Guide to Pricing Magazine Photography

PhotoShelter and Wonderful Machine recently published Pricing Your Work: Magazine Photography offering insights from Wonderful Machine CEO Bill Cramer outlining what a photographer should expect when determining pricing for magazine assignments. The guide includes tips to help photographers profit from magazine shoots, a look at the three basic types of magazine contracts, the most common magazine shoot expenses, plus FAQs and other online resources to help photographers negotiate. Pricing Your Work: Magazine Photography is the first in a series of guides from PhotoShelter with tips to help photographers create estimates and fee structures for their work. Get your free guide now. About PhotoShelter PhotoShelter is the leader in portfolio websites, photo sales, marketing and archiving tools for photographers. Over 74,000 photographers worldwide use PhotoShelter to power their success online, with customizable website templates, searchable photo galleries, e-commerce capabilities, and bulletproof image storage. Learn more at

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MediaStorm Online Training Launches ‘The Making Of: Take Care’

We are happy to release The Making Of: Take Care, the fourth module in our Making Of training series. This new educational module invites seasoned multimedia professionals and beginners alike to learn about the decisions, both in the field and in the editing suite, that went into the making of MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop story Take Care. Take Care is a story about family, choices and reconciliation. It offers a glimpse into the life of Virginia Gandee, a 22-year-old woman who lives in Staten Island, New York. At first glance one is struck by Virginia's bold appearance; her bright red hair and the dozen tattoos that canvas her body. When she was 15, Gin left home to marry a 20-year-old she met online. Two years later, she was a teenage mother. Today, Gin is raising her daughter as a single mother and pursuing her dream to become a nurse. Meanwhile we see that…

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