2023 ICP Infinity Award Films

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This year marks the 10th year that MediaStorm has partnered with the International Center of Photography and Harbers Studios to produce films that pay homage to each of the winners of ICP’s annual Infinity Awards for their contributions to the field of photography and visual arts.

Each March, the ICP recognizes these outstanding artists at an annual fundraiser at their headquarters in New York City. The gala event helps support a full range of programs, including exhibitions, collections, community outreach, scholarships, and the ICP School.

MediaStorm’s films are widely recognized as the signature moment of the event.

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The Kalish Workshop 2023

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Apply by April 1 - this Saturday! - for The Kalish visual editing workshop that deeply explores what it means to be a visual editor, leader, manager (because there is a big difference), and good colleague. Want to talk AI? We’ll be doing that in June. Ethics? It’s one of our most critical sessions. Editing? We supply the assets.

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Art of the Photo Book with David Campany

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Curator, writer, editor and educator David Campany explores the craft of photo books, detailing his early love of photography and providing a look at some of his favorite books in a short-film, as well as a deep dive into 18 pivotal books, in the latest project by MediaStorm and Harbers Studios.

Campany pulls from many years of experience in the field to shed light on the different ways photographers craft photo books to communicate their artistic message, including detailed looks at some of his favorites.

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MediaStorm Master Classes Dates Announced

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MediaStorm is excited to announce the dates for our MasterClass training events for 2023. The schedule includes options for both video conference and in-person events. All courses are offered at 50% off. Methodology Master Class Video conference: December 12 - 15, 2022 Los Gatos, CA: August 7 - 9, 2023 Los Gatos, CA: December 11 - 14, 2023     One Day Master Class: Online video conference: November 12, 2022 Online video conference: May 6, 2023 Online video conference: September 23, 2023 Online video conference: October 22, 2023     Here’s what people say about our master classes: "MediaStorm's class broke down storytelling theory in a way that challenged me to think about my past projects and better prepared me for those that I am currently working on. Brian is a charismatic instructor who loves sharing the knowledge he has gathered with anyone willing to learn. His anecdotes and projects serve as…

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