Soul of Athens

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With the outstanding Soul of Athens project, the students of the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University, led by Zach Wise of and Brian Storm of, have created an impressive multimedia document of the Athens, Ohio community. With a diverse group of more than 25 stories, produced in multiple mediums and wrapped up in a beautifully designed and architeted site interface, this remarkable project is an excellent example of the power of multimedia storytelling. Truly inspiring work!

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Public radio community site is featuring "Shortlists" recorded by site visitors ranging from professional radio producers to general public call-ins. From the site: "A Short List is made from your experience or research or daily life. You read it out loud for about 60 seconds and then tell us at the end what the list WAS. It's a story, with the title at the end. It might be funny, poetic, decide. The grace of these bits is in the mystery."'s project was originally a collaboration with NPR's Day to Day and WCAI radio. is now also featuring coverage of Deep Wireless, a month-long celebration of radio art held in Toronto this May.

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The Border Film Project

The Border Film Project distributed disposable cameras to undocumented migrants crossing the U.S./Mexico border and the American Minutemen who try to stop them. The resulting images culled from the returned cameras provide a first-person perspective from both sides of the border. From the project website: "Migrants and Minutemen have very different backgrounds, yet they share one profound belief: both sides would agree that they are documenting a situation that should not be happening." The Border Film Project is now also available in book form.

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Documentary Animation: Colby Buzzell’s Iraq Ambush Story

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Not seeing the embedded video? See it online.As an Army Specialist in Iraq, Colby Buzzell blogged about his daily experiences at war. His writing was so powerful, and his stories so captivating, that his work was subsequently published in a book entitled My War: Killing Time in Iraq. PBS's Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Expierience included one of Buzzell's stories in the form of this remarkable animation entitled Men in Black. Buzzell's blog, with posts dating back to June 2004, is still online. Link via The Paul Harris Show's Harris Online blog.

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