New work at Photobetty

There is some great journalism up over at Photobetty. Three new stories went up this month. Jean Chung looks at the complications of giving birth in Afghanistan. Anastasia Taylor-Lind documented a group of Kurdish female guerrila fighters, and Rena Effendi focuses on the internally displaced people in her own country of Azerbaijan.

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Living to the End: Lovelle Svart’s Story

Lovelle Svart has cancer. Lovelle, a former news researcher for the Oregonian, has been fighting lung cancer for almost 5 years, and her doctors say she now has six months or less to live. She is sharing her story and experience with the Oregonian, via weekly video updates. It is an interesting, very personal way to give voice to a member of the community. Multimedia Journalist Rob Finch and Reporter Don Colburn are working with Lovell to share her story.

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Looking at ‘The Shift’ has an interesting article in their latest newsletter. The Shift, written by San Francisco Chronicle photographer Kim Komenich, asks an important question- "Are you ready for 'the shift'?" Exploring the transitions newspapers have already made, Komenich looks at how things are changing and where we might go, especially noting that editors will have to really trust journalists to make decisions in the field about how to best produce a story- whether that's through photos, audio, video, or just plain writing for the print paper. Komenich says "Where we've fallen short is in thinking that the "repurposing" of our print stories for the Web is Web storytelling. We've only scratched the surface. " This is definitely a worth-reading article, if you've been thinking about all of these changes and transitions and how they're going to happen. If you thought SportsShooter was all about sports, you're missing out on a great resource!

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Mountain Workshops Now Accepting Applications

Applications are now being accepted for the Mountain Workshops, taking place this year in Danville, KY. Applicants can choose from one of three tracks: The Photojournalism Workshop, The Picture Editing Workshop, or The Multimedia Workshop. All three tracks are sure to provide a great experience. All of the Workshops start on October 17, and spaces are limited (The Multimedia Workshop only has 8 open spots, so if you’re interested get your information in soon.) Faculty for 2007 Photojournalism Workshop includes Renee Byer, Rick Loomis, Mary Calvert, Josh Meltzer, Jonathan Newton, and Charles Bertram. While The Mountain Workshops have had a multimedia staff and produced several pieces over the last several years, this is the first year that there is a Workshop track specifically focusing on Multimedia. The Multimedia Workshop is designed to be an advanced training opportunity focusing on content gathering and narrative. Participants will work one-on-one with coaches and the support…

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Interview with Spencer Platt

"In war, there’s often beauty. War isn’t just catastrophe, it just isn’t ugliness, people get married, put on beautiful clothes, people go out in their car, a Mini Cooper, whatever, that’s part of war. I think the juxtaposition there with the rubble and this youth- this youth that stands against death- is intriguing." ~Spencer Platt Spencer Platt was recently awarded the prestigious 2006 World Press Photo of the Year Award for his much-discussed image of a group of young Lebanese driving through a destroyed neighborhood in Beirut. In this podcast Jonathan Klein, CEO and Co-Founder of Getty Images, sits down with Platt and discusses the World Press picture, 9/11, and life as a photojournalist.

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