Looking at ‘The Shift’

has an interesting article in their latest newsletter. , written by San Francisco Chronicle photographer , asks an important question- “Are you ready for ‘the shift’?”

Exploring the transitions newspapers have already made, Komenich looks at how things are changing and where we might go, especially noting that editors will have to really trust journalists to make decisions in the field about how to best produce a story- whether that’s through photos, audio, video, or just plain writing for the print paper.

Komenich says “Where we’ve fallen short is in thinking that the “repurposing” of our print stories for the Web is Web storytelling. We’ve only scratched the surface. ”

This is definitely a worth-reading article, if you’ve been thinking about all of these changes and transitions and how they’re going to happen. If you thought SportsShooter was all about sports, you’re missing out on a great resource!