Abuse Aware, Red Design, MediaStorm collaborate on AbuseAware.com

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Abuse Aware has launched their website as a resource for all those affected by domestic violence. The site features photographer Donna Ferrato's prolific documentary of domestic violence victims and families from her body of work, Living With the Enemy as well as its video production by MediaStorm. From the site: AbuseAware.com is the first domestic violence website to visually prove how devastating all forms of abuse are for everyone. By confronting the public with documentation of real faces and true stories, photographer Donna Ferrato shoots to wake up society through the media, domestic violence organizations, exhibitions, lectures, slideshows, campaigns, and events. We must recognize and take action against this epidemic. This website seeks justice and support through an interactive DV web community where anyone can relate their experiences through video, photographs, and blog entries 24/7. We encourage you to be a part of this cause, not only to help others, but to…

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National Geographic and MediaStorm Produce ‘Gorilla Massacre’

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National Geographic and MediaStorm's latest collaboration is Gorilla Massacre, now featured in the online edition of National Geographic Magazine.This story takes place in the heart of Africa, where humans and animals alike have long suffered a history of violence and instability. It is the home of the endangered mountain gorillas, and where Dian Fossey conducted her intimate research on their world.Photographers Michael Nichols and Brent Stirton discuss the significance of the recent mountain gorilla killings in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Transom.org: Audio Shortlists and Other Radio Art

Public radio community site Transom.org is featuring "Shortlists" recorded by site visitors ranging from professional radio producers to general public call-ins. From the site: "A Short List is made from your experience or research or daily life. You read it out loud for about 60 seconds and then tell us at the end what the list WAS. It's a story, with the title at the end. It might be funny, poetic, political...you decide. The grace of these bits is in the mystery." Transom.org's project was originally a collaboration with NPR's Day to Day and WCAI radio. Transom.org is now also featuring coverage of Deep Wireless, a month-long celebration of radio art held in Toronto this May.

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The Border Film Project

The Border Film Project distributed disposable cameras to undocumented migrants crossing the U.S./Mexico border and the American Minutemen who try to stop them. The resulting images culled from the returned cameras provide a first-person perspective from both sides of the border. From the project website: "Migrants and Minutemen have very different backgrounds, yet they share one profound belief: both sides would agree that they are documenting a situation that should not be happening." The Border Film Project is now also available in book form.

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“Sometimes the Absence of Something is the Essence of It.”

  With a careful blend of artistic vision and transparency, Frontline World's POSITHIV+: AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa slideshow features the work and voice of photographer Pep Bonet. The images are subtle, striking, and together with Bonet's narration create a thoughtful perspective of the situation. On shooting a series of people without showing their faces, Bonet explains, "Sometimes the absence of something is the essence of it."

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