MediaStorm’s Never Coming Home a Finalist in SND.ies Competition

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MediaStorm's Never Coming Home has been named a Finalist in the Non-breaking News category of the the Society of News Design's SND.ies - The Best of New Media Design Competition. The Society for News Design's mission is to enhance communication around the world through excellence in visual journalism. More information about the awards is available online. SND.ies website:

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Two MediaStorm Projects Selected by the IFP Market Film Festival

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MediaStorm's Friends for Life and Never Coming Home have been selected as part of ten CurrentTV projects to be screened in the IFP Market Film Festival. The IFP Market is a week-long showcase for new features, works-in-progress, shorts, and scripts created by independent filmmakers. The conference will take place in New York City September 17-21, 2006. The CurrentTV screening will take place at the Angelika Film Center on Wednesday, September 20, 2006 and is tentatively scheduled at 4pm. The IFP Market Website:

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MediaStorm Publishes Two New Projects

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Kingsley's Crossing by Olivier Jobard In Kingsley's Crossing, a 23-year-old lifeguard from the impoverished town of Limbe, Cameroon, dreams of a better life in Europe. He embarks on a harrowing journey that takes him halfway across Africa. Photojournalist Olivier Jobard documents the passage. The Sandwich Generation by Julie Winokur and Ed Kashi Twenty million Americans are faced with caring for both aging parents and young children. In The Sandwich Generation, one family exposes with unflinching candor its emotionally charged account of family caregiving.

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MediaStorm Produces Never Coming Home Series for Slate

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MediaStorm produced a five-part series entitled Never Coming Home for the online magazine Slate. Never Coming Home tells of the grief and sacrifice of the families of five soldiers killed in Iraq. This cinematically produced multimedia package combines still photography and audio interviews to give a voice to the family members as they struggle with their tragic loss.

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Maine Photographic Workshops Offers Multimedia Storytelling Class

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Learn how to combine still photography, voices, ambient sounds and music with digital video editing to tell compelling humanistic stories. The class, taught by Tim Broekema, is for experienced photographers, photojournalists, picture editors, and media producers who want to create compelling visual stories for television, DVD and web publishing using multi-media storytelling techniques. The 2-week class teaches how to combine the power of still images with location interviews, ambient sounds, music and narration to create a cinematic experience. Lectures, demonstrations and fieldwork cover audio gathering, generating story ideas, research methods and interview techniques, linear story development and the process of gathering and selecting images to tell a story about a place, an event or a person. The Maine Photographic Workshops Website:

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