MediaStorm Develops Korea Crisis Guide for Council on Foreign Relations

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MediaStorm collaborated with the Council on Foreign Relations to design, develop and implement Crisis Guide: The Korean Peninsula. The guide provides comprehensive background information on the Korean crisis and is driven by in-depth reporting via CFR experts. It is the first in a series of interactive guides to the most complex crises, issues and conflicts on the planet.

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MediaStorm Produces 'A Change of Heart' for National Geographic

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MediaStorm worked with photographer Robert Clark's images to tell the story of one man's total artificial heart transplant in A Change of Heart. This multimedia piece is one element of National Geographic's comprehensive feature project entitled Mending Broken Hearts. Excerpt from There are five million cases of heart failure in the United States each year. When a heart fail, its ventricles -- or pumping chamber -- become too weak to pump blood. In such cases, doctors will often implant a Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) to aid the heart. When both of the heart's ventricles fail, however, a VAD may not be effective. Instead, doctors turn to the CardioWest Temporary Total Artificial Heart, or TAH-t, which is used to sustain a patient until a transplant heart is available. Patients who undergo this "bridge to transplant" increase their odds of living another year by almost 40 percent. On March 26, 2006, Danuel Allen,…

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Roundtable Discussion: AIDS & Photography, What More Can Pictures Do

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401 Projects presents a roundtable discussion with: Laurie Garret, Pulitzer Prize Winner & Author Maryanne Golon, Photo Editor, Time Magazine Leigh Blake, President and Founder, Keep A Child Alive Since AIDS first exploded into the public consciousness twenty-five years ago, photography has offered the world its most visceral glimpse of the disease's human toll. Have viewers been moved to action or developed an immunity to the tragedy the images depict? How can photographers, and the media alike, navigate their way between impact and overload? Set to the backdrop of Kristen Ashburn's, Bloodline: AIDS & Family exhibition, these issues, and more, will be discussed. Photographers, editors, writers, and leaders in the non-profit sector will explore, through conversation and visual projections, photography's reaction to the disease, past, present and future. See Kristen Ashburn's BLOODLINE: AIDS and Family project on MediaStorm. Chris Anderson of the T.E.D. Conference will moderate the evening. 7:30 PM Tuesday, December…

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MediaStorm Publishes BLOODLINE and Iraqi Kurdistan

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BLOODLINE: AIDS and Family by Kristen Ashburn BLOODLINE: AIDS and Family is Kristen Ashburn's intimate look at the harsh reality of the AIDS pandemic in Africa. Her images remind us how tenuous our connection is to each other. In doing so, they show that what matters most is the care extended to those in need. Iraqi Kurdistan by Ed Kashi Iraqi Kurdistan is an expansive look into the lives of the Kurdish people of northern Iraq. These images provide an alternative perspective on a changing culture, one different from the discord that dominates so much media coverage of the region.

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