MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop in the Santa Cruz Mountains

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The MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop is back!

After a 6-year run in Brooklyn, NY, we are relaunching on the West Coast in California.

Join us at MediaStorm Headquarters in the Santa Cruz Mountains from Dec. 1 - 8, 2023, for an intensive, hands-on experience in documentary filmmaking and interactive storytelling.

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Back to School with MediaStorm

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It is always a good time to learn, but nothing better to get you motivated than the going-back-to-school feeling at the end of the summer! Whether you are a student or a seasoned professional, MediaStorm has incredible, and extremely affordable, online training options for documentary filmmakers, editors, photographers and video journalists alike. Our MediaStorm Field Guide is a must have interactive companion for documentary filmmaking. Broken down into clear chapters, it offers useful checklists, a quick reference to fundamental concepts, and specific multimedia examples. Everything you need to create impactful stories!     MediaStorm’s Post-Production Workflow is an essential tool for any editor or independent filmmaker. It provides you with the full 200-step workflow MediaStorm uses everyday to edit its work, including self-developed tools and software suggestions to organize and select assets, transcribe audio, color correct your video, and archive your files effectively, among many other steps. A thorough process developed over…

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A Decade of Learning – 10 Years at MediaStorm

Today I celebrate my 10 year anniversary at MediaStorm; ten years of working with some of the finest people in the industry. To commemorate, here’s a list of ten things I’ve learned and relearned during the last decade. The only way to make a great film is to obsessively care about every single detail from inception through export. Not every project will be great but you can still do great work on every project. You can edit only one film: the one in front of you, not the one you wish for. Filmmaking is a collaborative art form. Work with people you respect, and equally important, people you like. Don't wait until your deadline to ask for feedback. Get it many times along the way. Revision is not part of the process. It is the process. Creativity is not a limited resource. Giving freely replenishes the wellspring. By teaching others, you not…

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