Infected or Affected: A Photographer’s Multimedia Project

Matthew Lloyd, a London-based editorial and commercial photographer, recently went to South Africa to create a project about AIDS for Bishop Simeon Trust. He’s mainly a still photographer and didn’t originally intend for the project to be multimedia heavy. When he arrived to shoot though, Lloyd felt multimedia was the right medium for the project. The project he created, Infected or Affected is a moving multimedia piece that puts a face on the harsh statistics that are a reality in South Africa today: One in two women are raped, one in three girls complete secondary school, 12 percent of the population has HIV/AIDS. Having done only some short multimedia pieces in the past, this piece is the first in-depth multimedia project in his portfolio. He shot and produced the project on his own and used the MediaStorm Online Training videos to help him through the process. He learned a lot about the…

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PBS’s FRONTLINE/World launches iWitness

PBS's FRONTLINE/World has launched the first edition of iWitness, a new feature that connects with people around the world to tell important stories. With regular reporters as well as " activists and artists, doctors and teachers, even avatars reporting from virtual communities, such as Second Life," iWitness promises to bring interesting insights to top stories. Currently featured: videos on the riots in South Africa, and an account by Washington Post video journalist Travis Fox on covering the earthquake in China. Definitely a site worth bookmarking and coming back to.

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