Art Works Projects to host 3 events on Art and Design for Human Rights in New York City

If you're around New York City next week, Arts Works Projects is partnering with some great organizations to host The Event, The Exhibition, and The Dialogue- three fantastic photo-related events centered around Human Rights. THE EVENT Ron Haviv/VII OCTOBER 14, 6:00 PM Supporting Art and Design for Human Rights An evening of images and conversation presented by Art Works Projects and hosted by 3-form. Help support exhibitions like DARFUR/DARFUR and Congo/Women, and learn about new initiatives AT WHAT COST_Human Trafficking/Forced Labor/Child Labor and BLOOD/STONES: Burmese Rubies. Featuring: • Exhibition Photographers, including Ron Haviv and Marcus Bleasdale • Christian Delsol, Media Specialist, United Nations Population Fund • Leslie Thomas, Executive Director, Art Works Projects 3-form Showroom 520 8th Avenue 20th Floor $25 Suggested donation More information: 212-627-0883 Refreshments served   THE EXHIBITION Lynsey Addario/VII Network OCTOBER 1 - NOVEMBER 2, 2009 View Congo/Women, with work by award-winning photojournalists: • Lynsey Addario •…

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December Digital Journalist: What Matters by David Eliott Cohen

The December issue of The Digital Journalist is now online. This month features David Eliott Cohen's new book - What Matters - containing 18 long-term photo essays by some of the best photographers out there. From David's intro: "I created this book because I believe in my heart that one great photograph can change the world. And if I can show 250 great photographs about the crucial issues of our time to enough people, then maybe one of those people, or maybe a few people, or, maybe even many of those people will connect with an image. And when one great image resonates with one talented and dedicated person, and that person digs deeper, learns more and takes some action that creates positive change in the world, then What Matters can be considered a useful exercise. I can't predict who that person will be or which of the 250 images in What…

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James Nachtwey TED Project now online

Following up on the previous post- James Nachtwey's TED Project is now available for viewing. If you can find 4 minutes in your day, this is a powerful presentation worth watching. Chris Anderson, TED Curator, writes: "This is a race between the ability of a deadly, mutated bacteria to spread, and our ability to spread awareness first. Health authorities know what needs to be done, but politicians and the public at large don't have XDR-TB on their radar. That's what James Nachtwey's powerful TED Prize wish is all about." More information from the site: " is an extraordinary effort to tell the story of extremely drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) and TB through powerful photographs taken by James Nachtwey. XDR-TB, or extremely drug-resistant tuberculosis, is a new and deadly mutation of tuberculosis. Similar in creation to multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) but more extreme in its manifestation, it arises when common tuberculosis goes untreated or standard…

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James Nachtwey’s TED Prize Wish- To Be Announced Friday Oct. 3

This Friday, James Nachtwey reveals his TED Prize wish. They will be projecting images on LED screens at locations on all 7 continents, along with the website- watch if you can, this promises to be an important story. Watch James speak about his wish: Each winner of the TED Prize receives $100,000, and assistance making their wish come true. Other winners of the 2007 Prize were Bill Clinton and EO Wilson. You can find out more about their wishes, and many other past recipients as well, at the TED site- there are some really great talks (also available as podcasts) on there, worth checking out.

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