December Digital Journalist: What Matters by David Eliott Cohen

The December issue of The Digital Journalist is now online. This month features David Eliott Cohen’s new book – What Matters – containing 18 long-term photo essays by some of the best photographers out there.

From David’s intro:

“I created this book because I believe in my heart that one great photograph can change the world. And if I can show 250 great photographs about the crucial issues of our time to enough people, then maybe one of those people, or maybe a few people, or, maybe even many of those people will connect with an image. And when one great image resonates with one talented and dedicated person, and that person digs deeper, learns more and takes some action that creates positive change in the world, then What Matters can be considered a useful exercise. I can’t predict who that person will be or which of the 250 images in What Matters will resonate, or what action that person will take, but I completely believe it will happen.”

With images by Brent Stirton (above), James Nachtwey, Sebastiao Salgado, Marcus Bleasdale, Ed Kashi, Paul Fusco, Stephanie Sinclair, Tom Stoddart, Gerd Ludwig, and others, this is a must-have book. Check out the gallery on Digital Journalist, then buy it.