MediaStorm Guide to Downloading from YouTube and Vimeo

Last week I started a project that incorporates previously produced material. The client stores this footage on YouTube and Vimeo. Once I’ve selected the clips I’d like to use, they will send me the Final Cut Projects and raw assets so I can use their material accordingly.

But it takes time to procure these files and as always, the clock is ticking. You’ve probably been in this situation yourself.

Rather than screen-capture the files with QuickTime or iShowU, my workaround is to download directly from the aforementioned sites. This is far faster as I don’t need to rerecord in real time.

I use the free service which allows the user to download videos directly from sites like YouTube and Vimeo. This works via a bookmarklet—a few lines of javascript—that sit on your browser’s bookmark bar.

To begin, load in your browser. 

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The Photographer’s Guide to Copyright, New from PhotoShelter

PhotoShelter and the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) have partnered up to break down copyright and help photographers take the necessary steps to protect their work. Their new guide, The Photographer’s Guide to Copyright, is filled with insights and resources to give photographers an understanding of copyright law, registering images, and protecting their work from infringement. This guide is a go-to resource that will help photographers: Understand their six exclusive rights under copyright law Learn how to safeguard photos and avoid infringement Get tips to register their work through the U.S. Copyright Office Discover steps to take if their work is infringed The Photographer’s Guide to Copyright is part of a series of free guides from PhotoShelter with tips to help photographers grow their businesses. Download your free guide now. About PhotoShelter PhotoShelter is the leader in portfolio websites, photo sales, marketing and archiving tools for photographers. Over 74,000 photographers worldwide…

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Craig Peters Luminance
Craig Peters speaks at Luminance. Photo by Michael Treola.

The Merchants, Luminance Session Six

Craig Peters, senior vice president for business development at Getty, opened the second session talking about a way forward with copyright licensing. He made two assumptions: that content creators want to get paid for their work and that the vast majority want to live in a world where copyright exists. He identified the problem with copyright as one that has risen with new publishing platforms in the "new world of media." Today the average person is posting images to new publishing platforms regularly, but the average person doesn't know about copyright and usually doesn't have a budget to license images. The disconnect leads to what he calls the "world of the right-click," where people take content and use it with no benefit going back to the content owner. The answer to this problem is not SOPA or other legislation, he said. Peters sees the internet as large and evolving. The solution therefore…

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