MediaStorm Contributor, Chad A. Stevens, fights to finish his film and save a mountain

The Coal War is the story of a symbol and a struggle: one mountain destined to be destroyed by the coal industry and a courageous effort to bring renewable energy to the heartland of America. MediaStorm Contributor and former Producer Chad A. Stevens has been working tirelessly for the last several years to document the fight going on near Coal River Mountain, and is looking for help to finish the film. Visit The Coal War site to find out more about the film. You can also check out (and support, if you're so inclined) their campaign for funding to finish the film on Kickstarter: Chad's work on the topic of mountaintop removal has also included Leveling Appalachia, a project for Yale Environment 360. Harvard's Nieman Storyboard recently published a story on the project: Chad A. Stevens on choosing sides and choosing stories: two approaches to mountaintop removal mining

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Worth Watching

As always, we've been busy trying to keep up to date with all of the fantastic multimedia being produced out there. Here are a few more projects we've been watching that we wanted to share with you. You can see the previously highlighted projects here. 9. The Third & The Seventh by Alex Roman Simply stunning visuals. Play it full screen. - Eric Maierson The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.   10. Black Passport Stanley Greene's transition from a fashion to conflict photographer. - Brian Storm   11. Roping the Wind by Nacho Corbella We loved working with Nacho at the MediaStorm Advanced Multimedia Workshop. It's great to see his latest project, a very elegant production. - Brian Storm   12. William and the Windmill A young man in Malawi with an inspired idea. From the dynamic duo in Toronto. - Brian Storm William and the Windmill from…

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Words of Wisdom: Chad A. Stevens on learning important multimedia skills

We're kicking off a new series on the blog, talking with educators and journalism students about the value of Journalism school and the multimedia skills students need to start their careers. There has been a lot of discussion lately on whether it's worth it to go to Journalism school, and whether students are learning the multimedia skills they need to be successful in a pretty rough market. As the school year gets back underway, we're getting more and more questions from students wondering what skills they need to acquire to land jobs. Obviously, there are no simple answers to these questions, but we hope to offer up some words of wisdom for students and others interested in the profession, especially during this time of transition. We're going to kick it off with Chad A. Stevens- a former MediaStorm Producer, who is now an Assistant Professor at UNC Chapel Hill. Where are you…

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MediaStorm Workshops present Beautiful Noise

The third MediaStorm Advanced Multimedia Workshop was held December 6-12, 2008. The project, Beautiful Noise by Morag Livingstone, Mareile Paley, and Kimberley Porteous is now online. Kirk and Evelyna are raising their children in a small New York City apartment far from her home in Germany. They try to stay optimistic while coping with the current economic crisis. See the project. Dates for the 2009 MediaStorm Workshops: Workshop Four: March 7-13, 2009 - Application Deadline: Friday January 23, 2009 Workshop Five: May 2-8, 2009 - Application Deadline: Monday March 30, 2009 Workshop Six: August 8-14, 2009 - Application Deadline: Wednesday July 1, 2009 See the site for more information.

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