Worth Watching

As always, we’ve been busy trying to keep up to date with all of the fantastic multimedia being produced out there. Here are a few more projects we’ve been watching that we wanted to share with you. You can see the previously highlighted projects here.

9. The Third & The Seventh by Alex Roman
Simply stunning visuals. Play it full screen. – Eric Maierson

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

10. Black Passport
Stanley Greene’s transition from a fashion to conflict photographer. – Brian Storm

11. Roping the Wind by Nacho Corbella
We loved working with Nacho at the MediaStorm Advanced Multimedia Workshop. It’s great to see his latest project, a very elegant production. – Brian Storm
12. William and the Windmill
A young man in Malawi with an inspired idea. From the dynamic duo in Toronto. – Brian Storm

William and the Windmill from Randy Risling on Vimeo.

13. Visura Magazine
Celebrating one profilic year of publishing. – Brian Storm
14. Timelapse movie: The Alps — part II (night) by Michael Rissi
Breathtaking stop timelapse of the skies. Astronomers rejoice. – Eric Maierson

Timelapse movie: The Alps — part II (night) from Michael Rissi on Vimeo.

15. Follow the Money
Where does your money go when you pay at the gas pump? Talking Eyes Media and LeftChannel’s new animated video,”Follow the Money,” takes you on a fantasy voyage through the pipelines back to the source of the oil reserves. – Brian Storm

16. Sweet Dreams by Carol Guzy
Touching multimedia project, and Carol Guzy’s story that accompanies it is not to be missed- super intimate look at the connection between a journalist and a subject, turned friend. -Jessica Stuart
17. Interviews 50 Cents
The unique combination of Ray Farkas’ visuals and Alex Chadwick’s questions. – Brian Storm
18. THE COAL WAR by Chad A. Stevens
Give. Save. A Mountain. – Brian Storm

19. Think Different
Wishing Apple the best of luck for their product launch tomorrow. – Brian Storm

Thanks to everyone who commented and added suggestions on our last round of projects, we’d love to keep hearing from you, please tell us about any notable projects that shouldn’t be missed in the comments!