Interview with MediaStorm Producer Rick Gershon

Rick Gershon joined MediaStorm as a producer in 2010. He served as a multimedia photojournalist and staff photographer at Getty Images from 2007 to 2010. Some of his clients include the Discovery Channel, History Channel, A&E, The Travel Channel, and MSNBC. His images of various news and political events have run in newspapers and news magazines around the world and he is a featured photographer with Reportage by Getty Images. Can you give us a general overview of your kit and the gear you’re using? As you can see I have a ton of gear. You certainly don't have to have all this gear to do it, but I use every single piece of it. A lot of this gear is honestly used to make the Canon 5D Mark II function like a professional video camera. It's a still camera. It's not built to be a video camera. To shoot rock…

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Powering a Nation

The University of Northern Carolina at Chapel Hill has launched this year’s Powering A Nation site, highlighting our country’s complicated relationship with coal. Throughout your experience on the site you’re introduced to miners who depend on the black rock for their livelihoods, local citizens who suffer from its adverse health effects, and everyday folks who flip on a light switch without thinking twice about what it takes to create that power. The stories in, “Coal: A Love Story” give you a new appreciation for the complexities surrounding the coal and energy industry. The piece represents an innovative form of journalism where the audience is given all sides of the story and allowed to explore the issues they care about through interactive graphics and source data. See for yourself at:

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MediaStorm Interview: John Temple

John Temple is the editor of Civil Beat in Honolulu. He was also the last editor, president, and publisher of the Rocky Mountain News in Colorado. While at Rocky Mountain News he worked with MediaStorm to produce a piece around the 2008 Democratic National Convention. He maintains an active blog called Temple Talk and was an attendee of MediaStorm's Methodology Workshop. Everyone in journalism seems to be talking about how much the industry is changing. What do you believe are the key trends in the industry and how do you believe journalism will adapt? I think the most important trend is probably an overall sense of disruption where there is no certainty that any approach that has been successful in the past will continue to be viable or support serious journalistic enterprises in the future. That's perhaps the largest trend, dramatic disruption of the traditional business model. And then related to that…

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MediaStorm Interview: Nacho Corbella

Nacho Corbella is an award winning Multimedia Producer with several years of teaching experience and content gathering and editing for Multimedia, Print and Television productions. Today, he’s back in Chile teaching Multimedia Narratives, Photojournalism and Infographics in the Journalism School of Universidad de los Andes. Could you tell me a little bit about your background with photography and multimedia production? So I was a J student, basically. The only photo class that I had taken was an art photo class when I was an undergrad. Then I had this Multimedia project with Rich Beckman where I held a Digital SLR for the first time. That's when I really grabbed that camera and made it mine, made her mine. I was shooting digital, it had just came out. It was the D30. I was just shooting and shooting, and editing and editing, and working with a ton of talented people. That was the…

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MediaStorm Interview: Lucy Nicholson

Lucy Nicholson is a senior staff photographer with Reuters. She was born in London and is based in Los Angeles, having worked as a photographer in Mexico City, Chile, and Northern Ireland. You attended our Advanced Multimedia Workshop in 2008 and produced “One Man Brand.” How has that workshop influenced your work since? I think MediaStorm creates some of the best multimedia out there, so just picking up their way of doing things was valuable. There's no one correct way to mix audio, stills and video for the web, so it was good to have people who really knew what they were doing give me a formula to start with. The course gave me a lot of confidence, and set a standard for me to emulate. I learn more every time I produce a multimedia project.  Your piece “Homegirl cafe” was a 2011 Webby Awards honoree. How did you find the story?…

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