Transcription and Text, Working Together: The Premiere Pro CC I Want

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In a digital world, transcription feels like tube amps and mechanical typewriters. It’s an affront to all things modern. In short, it’s a laborious process that kind of sucks.

Sure, Premiere Pro has some built-in tools, but they feel mostly like an experiment and a bad one at that.

Apple offers a dictation service that is remarkably good with a human voice but falls short when you feed an audio file to it.

So how come a better solution doesn’t exist, one that offers a deep integration between the timeline and a transcript?

Adobe, if you’re listening, here’s my dream for Premiere Pro CC 2016.

Audio Transcription On Ingestion
Import a file with audio and Premiere Pro automatically emeds a timecode-based transcript into the file.

Text Document That Contains All Transcription In A Sequence
Premiere Pro creates a text document based on which portions of a clip are used in a timeline.

Text/Timeline Integration
Highlight a clip on the timeline and the corresponding section of the transcript also becomes highlighted. And conversely, highlight a portion of the script and the timeline clip becomes selected.

The amount of time saved with this workflow would be extravagant.

I’d easily pay a thousand dollars or more for this kind of power. And I bet a lot of other people would to.

So who wants to take my money?