‘The Long Night’ Premieres on MediaStorm

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Set in Seattle Washington, The Long Night, a film by Tim Matsui and MediaStorm, gives voice and meaning to the crisis of minors who are forced and coerced into the American sex trade. In two parts, the film weaves together the stories of seven people whose lives have been forever changed by this issue.

Part One, “108 Days,” tells the story of Natalie, a fifteen-year old girl who is pimped out just 48 hours after running away from home. At home, her hardworking parents Tom and Nacole, struggle to stay afloat the 108 days that their daughter is missing. Though they know what may have happened, they are unprepared to meet the girl who finally comes home.

Part Two, “The Endless Trap,” tells the story of Lisa and an unlikely hero. Another runaway, Lisa was turned out at the age of 13, and turned to heroin to cope with the trauma. Six years later, she meets Andy Connor, a police officer who starts to question just whom he protects and serves when he arrests girls like Lisa and Natalie.

This project was made possible by the generous support of the Alexia Foundation Women’s Initiative grant.