MediaStorm’s Guide to Final Cut Pro Resources on the Web

Final Cut Pro is a rich application, offering vast possibilities to those who take the time to learn it well. With that goal in mind, here is a list of some of the most important Final Cut Pro resources on the web.

Final Cut Pro Support – Apple’s repository for Final Cut white papers as well as troubleshooting information and how-to documentation.
Final Cut Studio Resources – Apple’s comprehensive list of support and resource links related to Final Cut Studio.
Apple Final Cut Studio Discussion – This is the best place to turn when looking for answers to very specific technical problems.

Final Cut Video Training – The fountainhead for all video training. This subscription-based site offers extensive classes on all of Final Cut Studio’s applications; a great place to learn the basics.
Ripple Training – Ripple Training sells both DVD-based tutorials as well as screencasts that are downloadable via iTunes. They offer a number of free tutorial downloads as well. Ripple Training’s Compressor 3.5 Apple Pro Video Series is excellent.

Larry Jordan
If you use Final Cut, you should be paying attention to Larry Jordan. He is the guru. Jordan offers a number of web resources including an excellent and free monthly newsletter that’s brimming with tips, product reviews and reader-assisted troubleshooting.

Jordan’s website also has a rich archive of tutorials on just about every element of Final Cut.

Finally, while you can still find his older screencast instructions at, Jordan now offers shorter, more focused video tutorials for sale on his own site. Many of these titles focus on a single tool or effect, and several are offered as free downloads.

Final Cut Blogs
Ken Stone – Arguably the most comprehensive Final Cut blog on the web, Ken Stone’s offers extensive and thorough documentation on just about every aspect of FCP, as well as reviews of both editing products and training DVDs.
Los Angles Final Cut Pro User Group – A rich site devoted to the FCP community in L.A. Features notes from the group’s meetings, reviews, forums and a directory of members.
I’m Not Bruce – A great collection of short tips and useful information about using FCP. Updated frequently.
Final Cutters – This blog aggregates FCP posts from across the web and focuses on editing-related products.
FCP Daily – A daily blog that includes lots of FCP tips and tricks as well as product news.

@fcpkeystrokes – My personal Twitter account, posts one FCP shortcut per day.

Apple General
The Unofficial Apple Weblog – Updated numerous times a day, this site offers some tutorials but is primarily focused on Mac and iPhone-related products and analysis.
Mac Rumors – One of the most respected and accurate sites to predict what’s developing in Cupertino. A must-read on days when Apple releases a new product.

Finally, MediaStorm offers a number of free Final Cut resources including the PDFs Tips from the MediaStorm Final Cut Pro Workflow and Setting Up Final Cut Pro for Canon 5D Mark II Video.

Also, feel free to check out the tutorial section of our blog.

Your Suggestions
Did we forget something? Please share with us your favorite Final Cut and Apple sites in the comments. Thanks.

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