2007 NPPA Photojournalism Summit

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The National Press Photographers Association’s will be held May 30th – June 2nd at the in Portland, Oregon.

There will be speakers in three tracks of workshops: Still photography, multimedia and television. Speakers for the multimedia portion include:

  • Rich Beckman, professor of multimedia design and production at the
  • Andrew deVigal, multimedia editor for The New York Times
  • Seth Gitner, multimedia editor for The Roanoke Times and Roanoke.com
  • Dirck Halstead, editor and publisher of The Digital Journalist
  • Richard Koci Hernandez, deputy director of multimedia and photography for The San Jose Mercury News
  • Tom Kennedy, managing editor for multimedia at Washingtonpost.com and Newsweek Interactive
  • David Leeson, executive producer for video and new media at The Dallas Morning News
  • Judith Levitt, photo producer for The New York Times
  • Regina McCombs, The Star Tribune
  • Jim Seida, multimedia producer for MSNBC
  • Brian Storm, president of MediaStorm
  • Joe Weiss, creator and developer of Soundslides
  • Topics and times are available on the .

    Registration is available online.

    For more information contact Seth Gitner at: sethgitner@sethgitner.com.