Bill Moyers Journal’s ‘Buying the War’ Premiers Wednesday on PBS

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, a 90-minute documentary from the new PBS series Bill Moyers Journal, explores the role of the press in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq.

How did the mainstream media get the story so wrong? How did evidence disputing arguments for war go unreported? seeks to answer these questions through extensive analysis of pre-war press reports and interviews with Dan Rather, Tim Russert and Bob Simon among others.

Online material extending the broadcast coverage includes a , an of news stories leading up to the invasion, of those included in the documentary, a , two Knight Ridder reporters wrote with skepticism about the Bush Administrations case for war, and a for further reading.

The documentary premiers at 9:00pm EST Wednesday, April 25th on PBS. Check PBS’s for local listings and for additional broadcast times.

The Washington Post’s Tom Shales writes about “Buying the War” today in his column