MediaStorm Wins World Press Photo Multimedia Contest Long Feature Category

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World Press Photo announced today that the winning productions of its 2015 Multimedia Contest include two MediaStorm projects: The Long Night has been awarded 1st prize in the Long Feature category while the “Net Cafe Refugees” chapter of Japan’s Disposable Workers has been awarded 3rd prize in the same category.

Created in collaboration with multimedia journalist Tim Matsui with the support of the Alexia Foundation and the organization’s Women Initiative grant, the The Long Night takes an unflinching look at the crisis of minors who are forced and coerced into the American sex trade. Set in Seattle, Washington, the film weaves together the stories of seven people whose lives have been forever changed by this issue.

Internet cafes have existed in Japan for over a decade, but in the mid 2000s, customers began using these spaces as living quarters. Internet cafe refugees are mostly temporary employees, their salary too low to rent their own apartments.  Japan’s Disposable Workers is a film series produced in collaboration the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. Based on Shiho Fukada’s portrait series, the film explores the labor issues affecting Japan in three sections, to illustrate the larger global labor crisis at work.

World Press Photo organizes the leading international contest in visual journalism. The foundation is committed to supporting and advancing high standards in photojournalism and documentary storytelling worldwide. Its aim is to generate wide public interest in and appreciation for the work of photographers and other visual journalists, and for the free exchange of information.

Congratulations to all of the storytellers recognized this year.