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Photographer Chris Capozziello began to make photographs of his twin brother, Nick, in their early twenties. Nick has cerebral palsy. Though Chris didn’t set out to tell a story, the photographs he took helped him examine he and his brother’s story more deeply and move past the guilt he carried for being the healthy twin. He has compiled his photographs – along with raw, honest diary entries – into a book that you can help publish through Kickstarter.


“Everything is slow for Nick,” Chris told The New York Times. “It’s like somebody took time and just turned this wheel that made everything sort of slower for him. Slower in speech, slower in comprehension, slower in movement. He understands enough about the world to know what he’s missing.”

Chris doesn’t remember a time when he wasn’t aware of the differences between him and his brother. But it was never foreign. It was all he knew. As Chris got older, he started to notice that his family was different from others. For years, Chris archived the pictures of his twin without ever looking at many of them. After some prodding from friends and colleagues, he examined them more closely and saw there was much to share. It had little to do with documenting life with cerebral palsy and more to do with sharing their story as brothers.

The Book

The Distance Between Us shows Nick as an individual. His wants and desires. While also allowing his brother, Chris, to look past his own grief and fears to what lies ahead. The photographs, text, layout, and design for the project are now complete. All that’s left is to go to press.

How to Help

Watch the video above. Donate to the campaign by September 15, 2013 to make the publishing of this book possible. Don’t forget to share the project on social media so others can do the same.

More information is available on The Distance Between Us Kickstarter page.