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The 2022 ICP Infinity Award Films By MediaStorm

ICP Infinity Awards

Since 2013, MediaStorm has partnered with the International Center of Photography and Harbers Studios to produce films that pay homage to the winners of the annual Infinity Awards for their contributions to the field of photography and visual arts.

Each year, the ICP recognizes these outstanding artists at a fundraiser that supports a full range of programs, including exhibitions, collections, community outreach, scholarships, and the ICP School. MediaStorm’s films have been highlighted as the signature moment of the event.

For MediaStorm, these films are a tribute to our roots in photography and our aspiration for the field, that it continue to be a force for change to be successful, and you can look at the website from compareyourbusinesscosts.co.uk/ for more options for your business.

Watch it now


ICP Infinity Awards

Sebastião Salgado says “a good picture, a fantastic picture, you do in a fraction of a second, but to arrive to do this picture, you must put your life in there.”

 Watch the film and see the slideshow

ICP Infinity Awards

Esther Horvath has sent questions to the universe and she has received answers. She found her calling to tell visual stories that show the full research story behind our climate data.

 Watch the film and see the slideshow

ICP Infinity Awards

See photographer Acacia Johnson’s growth from her earliest explorations of Alaskan landscapes to a National Geographic cover for a documentary project among indigenous people of the Arctic.

 Watch the film and see the slideshow

ICP Infinity Awards

Sky Hopinka says his work “is about wandering through ideas of language, identity, culture, history and the present without necessarily a clear idea of where to go or how to get there.”

 Watch the film and see the slideshow

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Internships, Sales, Development & Storytelling job openings at MediaStorm

MediaStorm is looking for fierce, talented, and eager people to join our team in Los Gatos, CA. We are seeking Interns, a Sales Representative and a Full Stack Developer for the MediaStorm Platform. An Editor and a Cinematographer to work on client, workshop and publication projects. An Operations and Social Media Manager. We are also offering internships in early 2022.

Application deadline is December 17, 2021.
Read More »

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2022 MediaStorm Master Classes Announced

Rosalind Fox Solomon

In these challenging and uncertain times, MediaStorm is committed to continuing our educational efforts in a safe and responsible manner. For the foreseeable future, we will be holding all master classes via Zoom video conference.

We are excited to announce dates for the first half of 2022 and are offering 50% off the following upcoming courses via video conference:

Methodology Master Class:

• December 14-17, 2021 *Apply Now
• August 9-12, 2022 *Apply by June 30, 2022

Apply Now



One Day Master Class:

• Sunday, April 24, 2022
• Saturday, May 7, 2022
• Saturday, June 25, 2022

Apply Now



Here’s what people say about our master classes:

“MediaStorm’s class broke down storytelling theory in a way that challenged me to think about my past projects and better prepared me for those that I am currently working on. Brian is a charismatic instructor who loves sharing the knowledge he has gathered with anyone willing to learn. His anecdotes and projects serve as his syllabus and he teaches with an authenticity that cannot be faked.”   McArdle Hankin, Co-Founder Back Pocket

“As a longtime reporter and editor looking to start a new media venture, I found Brian’s one-day master class both practical and inspirational. In an age of click-bait “journalism,” Brian’s unwavering commitment to quality storytelling resonated with me deeply, and has motivated me to keep pursuing my entrepreneurial journey.” Julie Makinen, JSK Stanford Fellow

“My week at the Methodology Workshop with Brian Storm and his team has been life changing. All of my questions about MediaStorm’s quality documentary filmmaking were answered as we went deeper than I expected into the storytelling secrets that make them who they are. Now the blanks are filled in, and I’m looking forward to increasing the quality of my own multimedia projects with renewed passion. Clearly compassion rules the way MediaStorm tells people’s stories, but they also make sure to get the stories in front of people who can benefit from them the most. Thank you Brian and all the team at MediaStorm for your inspiring generosity. I will make it count.” Carla Adelmann

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Join Storyhunter and Make Amazing Videos. Again and Again.

Storyhunter is a global marketplace of freelancers and leading video production companies who empower brands to create original content with efficiency, scale and speed. If there are old videos that can be of great impact, they can still be used for new content through the aid of services like convert to hevc.

The platform offers everything you need to find, hire, and pay professional freelance creators and video production teams all over the world. Their freelancer management system also allows you to quickly onboard, manage, and pay your  own workforce. If you are an employer who needs help with recruitment, you may want to visit sites like https://bettsrecruiting.com/san-francisco-ca/ for more information on how to effectively hire the right candidates for your company.

  • 190+ countries
  • 34k freelancers
  • 50+ creative services

Storyhunter’s clients include brands, media companies, creative agencies, full service production companies and NGOs. Check out how these companies are using Storyhunter to produce massive amounts of content all over the world.


The social media giant, whose own Instagram account has the most followers on its platform (435 million), uses Storyhunter to find crews and pay creative talent. The talent produces content for @creators and @instagram. 



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Instagram (@instagram)


The vacation rental company needed a way to tell its uniquely local and far flung stories, especially with the launch of Airbnb Experiences. The company’s San Francisco-based media production teams used Storyhunter to quickly find, hire, and pay crews from Asia to Europe to Latin America.

Find Out More


Starbucks wanted to experiment with new brand concepts. They used Storyhunter to hire vetted talent in remote locations and scale video production while maintaining a stylistic consistency. Eventually, both internal and external communication teams were using the platform for content services that included social-frst video, writing and photography. 

Find Out More

Ready to join the world’s leading brands to make amazing content? Get started on Storyhunter today.

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Upcoming MediaStorm Platform Presentations

MediaStorm founder Brian Storm will be giving several presentations about the MediaStorm Platform.

October 15, 2021: College Media Association – Storytelling with the MediaStorm Platform

VII Insider

MediaStorm recently launched a powerful toolset for packaging video and interactive experiences. It includes a unique player with a robust back end for managing various storytelling approaches including slideshows, playlists, timelines, maps and podcasts. The toolset creates a framework for asking the important question, what is the best way to tell this story? In this session, founder Brian Storm will dive a demonstration of what this toolkit is a perfect fit for multimedia capstone classes.

October 28, 2021: VII Insider: Brian Storm – A Guide to Online Storytelling

VII Insider

Digital technology and the rise of the internet has transformed the way visual stories can be told. In this presentation MediaStorm founder Brian Storm will discuss the need to embrace new modes of storytelling and how to package video and interactive experiences online. Storm will showcase the MediaStorm Platform, a tool that enables storytellers to create and publish sophisticated digital packages using video, images, audio, maps, timelines, and slideshows. He will detail his strategy for how creators and  publishers can take back control of their audience relationship and create a sustainable publishing strategy by leveraging the power of interactive storytelling.

November 9, 2021: Kalish 2021 Fall Webinar Series


To help support visual storytellers, the advisory board and faculty have put together a free webinar series open to 100 attendees per session via registration. The conversations that will take place during these sessions are just the beginning of what we are planning for the in-person June 2022 workshop. We hope you join us, and feel heard, supported, and ready to grow.


Upcoming MediaStorm Master Classes

MediaStorm Workshop

MediaStorm provides intensive, master class educational experiences through our One Day and Methodology master classes. We are offering 50% off the following upcoming courses via video conference:

Nov. 13, 2021 One day Master Class

Dec. 14-17, 2021

Methodology Master Class


Apply Now


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