Join MediaStorm at PhotoExpo for Motion & Multimedia Workshops

The PDN PhotoPlus Conference and Expo hits New York City October 23rd – 26th, 2013. Attendees will have infinite access to emerging technology and over 90 seminars by the world’s foremost experts on trends and techniques in photography, video, post-production and business development. Join MediaStorm’s own Brian Storm for two workshops focused on the future of storytelling.

Registration for the conference is now open. Pricing and hotel information is available on the PhotoPlus Expo website.


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Worth Clicking: MediaStorm Links Roundup

All links are hand-picked by the MediaStorm staff for your enjoyment this weekend. Cheers! Photographer Frank W. Ockenfels III on shooting Breaking Bad’s moody desert character portraits. [Pop Photo] This year, Stanley Kubrick would have turned 85. The BFI has published a great list of Kubrick’s favorite films and influences. [nofilmschool] A look at the science behind conscious and unconscious awareness, and how the brain allows photographers to know things with intuition. [PetaPixel] On the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington where Martin Luther King Jr. shared his dream for America, TIME talks to the people who helped make the march a success. [TIME] West of Memphis Trailer - if you've seen Paradise Lost, or even if you haven't, you owe it to yourself to see this amazing documentary. [YouTube] From One Second To The Next Documentary - It Can Wait. Werner Herzog. Enough said. [YouTube] The last gadget you’ll ever…

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Brian Storm on Why You’ll Never Master Multimedia

Senior Producer Eric Maierson’s post “I Hate ‘Multimedia’” stirred up a discussion on what success in our industry looks like and what is required to get us there. We used your comments and questions to ask our Executive Producer and Founder Brian Storm (with thoughts from Director of Photography Rick Gershon) how visual storytellers can flourish in a constantly evolving industry. Do you hate ‘multimedia’ too? Hate is a strong word, but I would argue that word has become meaningless. It’s sort of like saying “awesome.” What does awesome mean anymore? Everything is awesome. Multimedia has been associated with my professional title for twenty years of my life. So, of course, the word means something to me. What I’ve seen happen is that it means something different to everyone you talk to. Eric made a bunch of good points about it being too small in scope. It’s about our industry, the way…

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Thoughts on Going Further

At MediaStorm we strive to depict the truth of every single person we document. I sometimes refer to this process as going with the grain of the wood. That is, telling the stories that are embedded in the raw material. We aim to shape what is documented, not what we would like to see. That is our highest aspiration, to reveal the specific. In pursuing this ideal for close to a decade now, we have employed a number of techniques that permeate our work [1]. You are no doubt familiar with some of them: Stories that begin with an individual’s plight and end with a larger call to social justice. A steady pace defined by frequent cutting on musical beats. Video portraits that blend photography and motion. We use these conventions because they work and when used effectively they are powerful. I believe in them. I helped, in part, to create what…

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I Hate ‘Multimedia’

Nothing in this profession irks me so much as the word “multimedia.” Not only is it linguistically confusing–“media” is itself already plural–in terms of describing our work, the label does us all a disservice. Multimedia is the combining of several forms of media. OK, so the combining of photography and video is multimedia. But what about the combination of text and photography in a book? Or a website for that matter? The point is, “multimedia” can mean anything. It just depends on whom you ask. With all due respect, I believe “multimedia” is the word we’ve come to use when describing photographers who make documentaries. It’s a word that belongs to journalists, not the audience we want to reach. This is not a new conversation at MediaStorm. It’s an issue we’ve wrestled with in innumerable conversations and one Brian Storm and I have had almost from day one of my tenure. But…

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