April Digital Journalist – Special Video Journalism Issue

This month's Digital Journalist mixes things up a bit- Ken Kobré (of kobreguide.com), took over the reins, and focused on the ever-changing world of video journalism. They lead with a feature by Colin Mulvany, of The Spokesman-Review, From Stills to Video in the Newsroom. Mulvany writes: "Now is not a time to be timid. Multimedia producers need to stand up and protect video storytelling at their newspapers. In order to stay competitive, publishers will have to refocus their efforts back on their online operations. Newspaper Web sites will not flourish if the content is just repurposed from their print products. Multimedia, in the form of Web-only video, audio slideshows, and photo galleries, is most successful when it is integrated with text. This powerful combination gives newspaper online viewers far more depth and context than they can get from any other media." This issue also includes several great columns, including 10 Tips for…

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"As major media companies are migrating their resources from print and broadcast to their online ventures, multimedia journalism stories are coming into their prime on the Web... Little by little, truly excellent work is starting to blossom and flourish -- the problem is, who has time to hunt for it?" If you're looking for some inspirational multimedia stories, head over to kobréguide.com. Ken Kobré (with help from some notable friends) has launched a new site compiling links to the best of multimedia from the web. Organized by channel, topic, award winners, and themes such as "Make You Wonder", this site makes it easy to find great stories from a variety of sources. You might want to wait to check it out until you have more than a few minutes of downtime- there are a lot of great stories to get lost in here (and they welcome suggestions for new stories).

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