MediaStorm Presents: The Girls of Gashora

Gashora Girls Academy in Rwanda educates the country’s most talented girls in science and technology, preparing them for college, and empowering them to become future leaders. In 2013, they graduated their pioneer class. Girls of Gashora documents the days prior to this celebration. MediaStorm was commissioned by the Harbers Family Foundation and the Rwanda Girls Initiative to create a film that would illustrate the desires and caliber of students at the Gashora Girls Academy as well as inspire potential donors to take action in support of their mission. Read our case study to learn more about how we tackled this challenge. Here are girls who have faced seemingly enormous obstacles in order to receive a first-class education and the hope of making their families, and their country, proud. These are the stories of Gashora. Learn more about the academy and how you can donate at

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MediaStorm Presents the 2013 ICP Infinity Awardees

MediaStorm is pleased to present eight new films produced in collaboration with the International Center of Photography with support from the Harbers Family Foundation. Since 1985 ICP's Infinity Awards have brought attention to outstanding achievements in photography. The 2013 Infinity Awards films serve as a portrait of some of the important contributors to photography today. Special Presentation: Jeff Bridges Jeff Bridges is an Academy Award-winning actor. He is also an accomplished photographer. He’s been taking pictures on the set of his movies for more than 30 years, capturing intimate and surprising behind-the-scenes moments. Young Photographer: Kitra Cahana Blurring the line between subjects and friends, Kitra Cahana captures a rare level of intimacy with her subjects. As a documentary photographer, her images explore anthropological, social and spiritual themes through a human perspective. Applied/Fashion/Advertising: Erik Madigan Heck As a photographer, Erik Madigan Heck does not differentiate between art and fashion in his work. Adhering…

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New from MediaStorm–480 Votes for Care

MediaStorm is pleased to announce 480 Votes, a new client project for CARE. This project was produced in collaboration with Ripple Effect Images and support from the Harbers Family Foundation. The project is a short, character-driven video piece that shows the life-changing impact CARE’s programs have had on the life of a woman in rural Peru. The piece extends beyond the surface of what the organization provided and speaks to the psychological effects of empowerment. Project Synopsis: Lourdes Pilco is a middle-aged woman who’s spent most of her life working backbreaking jobs for little money. With the help of CARE, Lourdes was able to send her children to school while setting a new standard for women in her community.

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