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Eric and Tim. Photo by Shameel Arafin.

In Praise of Tim McLaughlin

Do you know Tim McLaughlin? If you do, then you know he’s a gem. Not only is he a seriously genuine person–one of the finest–he’s also a tremendous editor. Go watch Surviving the Peace: Angola, a project he produced with gorgeous footage from Rick Gershon. It’s hardly a secret around the office that I have a 5-lb.-gummy-bear-sized man-crush on Tim. What I love about our relationship, besides his immense patience for my shenanigans, is his almost incessant drive to improve his skills. Tim’s desire to be better is palpable. And it’s infectious. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve meandered into his room feeling self-satisfied with my own work only to be floored by some sleight-of-hand he’s conjured up. Inevitably, such moments send me back to my desk, convinced I can do better. In moments of fancy, I imagine us as something akin to K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton, the fierce…

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