Brian Storm Speaking at SVA Public Lecture

MediaStorm founder and executive producer Brian Storm will be giving a free, public lecture on Multimedia Storytelling at the School of Visual Arts on March 26. Multimedia Storytelling at SVA Tuesday, March 26, 2013, 7pm – 9pm 209 East 23rd Street 3rd Floor New York, NY 10010 Free and open to the public See full event details. Event Description Brian Storm–founder of the award-winning production studio MediaStorm ( and previously director of multimedia for and vice president of news, multimedia, and assignment services for Corbis, New York–discusses how storytelling continues to evolve as a result of technological innovations and an expanding media universe. The digital age has given filmmakers, photographers, and photojournalists extraordinary and unprecedented new ways to tell stories, as well as a greater level of authorship. How can the long-form, in-depth visual storyteller satisfy both their journalistic and financial needs in this environment? Learn how to disseminate your work…

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Transom Announces New Traveling Workshops has announced that it will begin offering week-long Traveling Workshops as an alternative to their signature two-month-long Story Workshop. Applications are now open for the first round of Traveling Workshops, which begin this June in Catalina Island, CA. From the Organizer When we started up our eight-week-long, career-launching Transom Story Workshops, lots of people asked if we could do some introductory training in audio narrative in shorter bursts, and maybe in other locations besides Cape Cod. The answer is finally, yes. Starting this summer, we will offer Transom Traveling Workshops in various parts of the country. These are short, one-day to one-week workshops suited to the needs of our collaborative hosts. Check here for all the details. Applications are now open for a one-week introductory course for beginning radio producers to be held on Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California, June 16th-21st. The workshop will be hosted by community…

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‘Surviving the Peace: Angola’ Launch, A Great Event for a Worthy Cause

The Mines Advisory Group launched a major fundraising initiative, Angola100K, last Wednesday, Feb. 6 at the Goethe-Institut in Washington, D.C. The initiative uses MAG and MediaStorm's latest collaboration, Surviving the Peace: Angola, as a centerpiece to raise $100,000 for landmine education in Angola. As the editor and producer of the piece, I was honored to be part of the event (Unfortunately MediaStorm director of photography Rick Gershon was out on assignment and couldn't make it to D.C. for the event). MAG packed the house—a beautiful cinema that seats 90—with people from organizations that both confront issues surrounding landmine removal and are in a position to do something about the problem. Representatives from the Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement, the Angolan Embassy, the U.S.-Angola Chamber of Commerce, The World Bank and Africare, among others, were in attendance. After a passionate introduction from MAG executive director Jennifer Lachman, the lights went down and…

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MediaStorm Online Training Launches ‘The Making Of: Take Care’

We are happy to release The Making Of: Take Care, the fourth module in our Making Of training series. This new educational module invites seasoned multimedia professionals and beginners alike to learn about the decisions, both in the field and in the editing suite, that went into the making of MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop story Take Care. Take Care is a story about family, choices and reconciliation. It offers a glimpse into the life of Virginia Gandee, a 22-year-old woman who lives in Staten Island, New York. At first glance one is struck by Virginia's bold appearance; her bright red hair and the dozen tattoos that canvas her body. When she was 15, Gin left home to marry a 20-year-old she met online. Two years later, she was a teenage mother. Today, Gin is raising her daughter as a single mother and pursuing her dream to become a nurse. Meanwhile we see that…

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MediaStorm 2013 Motion Design Reel

We are thrilled to announce motion design as the newest addition to our post-production repertoire. MediaStorm has a tradition of using multimedia tools to tell top-quality stories that matter. In the past we've focused on using stills, video, audio, and graphic and interactive design to tell stories. We see motion design as an exciting new step that embraces our cinematic narrative tradition and elevates our ability to tell great stories. Our 2013 Motion Design Reel gives you a sampling of what we've done so far and a look at what is possible.

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