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Category Archives: Interviews

How Ryan Libre’s Documentary Arts Center Empowers Asia’s Visual Storytellers

Ryan Libre is an award-winning documentary photographer and the founder of Documentary Arts Asia (DAA), a non-profit organization working to tell stories from Asia that need to be heard. The organization was conceived in 2008 after Ryan’s work on NGO documentary projects brought Asia’s need for visual literacy education to his attention. In 2011, he was […]

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Discovering Daylight in a Sea of Change

Michael Itkoff is cofounder and editor of Daylight, a non-profit organization dedicated to publishing art and photography books. He is also the 2006 winner of the Howard Chapnick Grant. Michael and his partner Taj Forer founded an organization dedicated to a print product in 2003, when the industry was already moving to digital. In this […]

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Standard Three-Camera Interview Setup

MediaStorm’s standard interview setup is meant to provide a clean, focused environment for the viewer. It can be used both in a studio or in the field. We typically use at least two cameras, usually three, both for visual variety and for editing on-camera sequences. This is by no means the only way to conduct […]

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The Ways: Sharing Contemporary Native Culture Through Story

Finn Ryan, a producer, educator and March 2011 MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop participant is a big believer in the importance of storytelling in education. His 2010 project, Climate Wisconsin, which uses multimedia and interactives to explore local climate change impacts, received significant attention when it was published, including a regional Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement for […]

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New Transom Manifesto: The MediaStorm Approach to Storytelling

We’re excited to announce the release of a new Transom Manifesto about quality storytelling by MediaStorm founder and executive producer Brian Storm. Here’s more about the manifesto from Transom’s Jay Allison: Brian Storm: The MediaStorm Approach to Storytelling In his Transom Manifesto, Brian Storm—the founder and executive producer of the innovative, multimedia production studio MediaStorm—talks […]

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