MediaStorm releases updated Multimedia Gear Guide

One of the most frequent questions we're asked is "what gear do I need to do multimedia?" While there's no quick and easy answer, we've put together a revised MediaStorm Gear Guide, detailing the equipment we use and recommend for gathering multimedia. With technology changing so frequently, it's often hard to keep up with the latest and greatest gear, so I've also tried to give insight into why each type of equipment is ideal, and to provide different options when there are multiple versions available. If you have any questions, or suggestions of combinations that have worked well for you, we'd love to hear from you in the comments. See our Gear Guide.

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Finally, a custom designed multimedia bag

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Think Tank Photo makes some mighty fine bags and so when they sent MediaStorm samples of their new Multimedia Wired Up Collection bags, we were excited. Recently I had a chance to put them through their paces working in the field. Intelligently designed and well constructed, the combination of the WiredUp 20 beltpack and the Mic Drop bag best fit the still and audio gear I carry. The belt is brilliant for taking the weight off your shoulder and I find that adding a strap helped me balance it perfectly between my hips and shoulder and made it a snap to spin it from back to front so I could quickly change from carrying mode to working mode. The belt also serves as base to attach other components, including a cool headphone hook (it's included) and the auxiliary Mic Drop bag which big enough to carry a large "dead cat" wind screen…

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“Portable Field Recording for Photographers” at B&H

Next Thursday, January 29, B&H is hosting "Going Multimedia: Portable Field Recording for Photographers"- a potentially valuable session for anyone interested in audio recording. From their site: ""Multimedia" is the word of the day. Like it or not, it is increasingly insufficient to generate images alone in an environment where others are consistently paring them with audio. Join B&H Maven Tyler Gusich at the Event Space, where he will review the entire capture process of audio for photographers, including how to use portable field recorders and microphones in your workflow.  This course is specially designed for all skill levels where everyone will benefit from an explanation of the pertinent features and differences in a range of field recorders. If you come knowing nothing, you will leave inspired and informed on how to record. If you come knowing something, this is a great opportunity to refine your appreciation of relevant gear and techniques."…

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