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Eight Things I (Re)Learned Editing Travel Anonymous

Sometimes having no limitations is the hardest obstruction.


To paraphrase the late novelist E.L. Doctorow., “[Making a movie] is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights but you can make the whole trip that way.”


In other words, the only way out is through.


It’s hard to be spontaneous if you’re clinging to the some vague notion that what you’re doing is wrong. If you let yourself fail extravagantly, you might succeed beyond expectation.


“The first draft of anything is shit.” – Ernest Hemingway


The unconscious mind loves to work out problems. You may feel doubt and uncertainty but your brain is busy untying knots.


Write down insights and ideas immediately. You’ll forget them otherwise. Seriously, you will.

The simple answer comes last, after you’ve worked your way through all the rest. It’s like sculpting: you only see the shape once you’ve removed the excess.

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