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‘She Looks Back’ Subjects Tina & Rose Safe After Liberia’s Ebola Outbreak

In 2012, Rick Gershon and I traveled to Liberia to document a girls’ education program funded by the American Institutes for Research (A.I.R.). We spent a week following two amazing young women, Rose Kollie and Tina Tyron, both of whom were beneficiaries of A.I.R’s program in the Gokai and Golai school systems.

Tina Tyron, Rose Kollie

The Ebola outbreak hit Liberia hard in 2014, but we’re happy to report that both Rose and Tina are safe, healthy and still in school.

Kathryn Fleming, who is currently the Deputy Chief of Party for the USAID/Quality Reading Program, and who worked directly with Rick and I while in Liberia gave us the update on the girls, as well as their programs.

According to Kathryn, A.I.R’s education programs in Gokai and Golai were outside of the Ebola hot zones, and were relatively unaffected. Schools remained open and no one from A.I.R’s staff, or their families were affected by the disease.

Rose was recently promoted to 7th grade, and Tina is currently in 6th. Both, according to A.I.R staff, are “influential girls in their communities”. Myrline Keculah, a gender and education specialist who is featured in the film, said about Tina, “she goes around talking to her colleagues in her community, encouraging them to stay in school.”

To revisit Rose and Tina’s story, please watch She Looks Back.

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