Join Brian Storm at Imprimatur: Unbinding the Book

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Imprimatur, a joint effort between indie publishing platform Blurb and the visual arts studio Jotta, is a new global book arts project. Artists and designers are challenged to redefine the concept of what a book can be by creating original books and installations that push the boundaries of how books are experienced. Blurb will be hosting a launch event for the project in New York City on Monday, April 21st, 2014.

Event Details

The New York event will provide an evening of talks celebrating books, book-making, and illustrated storytelling alongside a set of inspirational installations and film. The evening’s speakers will include:

  • Yolanda Cuomo, book designer extraordinaire and founder of Yolanda Cuomo Design
  • Brian Dettmer, renowned artist specializing in detailed and innovative sculptures with books and other forms of pre-existing media
  • Sto Len, a painter, sculptor, and sound and performance artist based in NY and part of Booklyn
  • Brian Storm, founder and executive producer of MediaStorm

How to Attend

  • When: April 21, 2014, 6:00-9:00 pm
  • Where: Glass Houses, 545 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10001
  • RSVP to secure your spot now.