Join the Magnum Foundation for “The Story of Data”

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The Magnum Foundation invites NYC-based photographers to explore multi-platform projects at their Photography, Expanded Lab: The Story of Data: Visualization, Mapping, and Photography on Tuesday, April 29th and Sunday, May 4th, 2014.

The deadline to apply for the event has been extended to April 2nd.

Event Description

From smartphones to city power grids, incredible amounts of data are collected and monitored on a daily basis, transforming the way in which all manner of conditions are understood and managed with real-time, networked systems. How can documentary photographers utilize open data sets from governments and NGOs, geotagging, and locative media platforms to inform, enhance, and reinforce the intent behind their work? How can photographers safely access and share data in lieu of increasing online security threats? How might data visualization and visual mapping techniques help bring viewers, participants, and advocates closer to the issues? In turn, how can photographers measure the impact of their work using data or analytics? In this lab, participating photographers will explore the visual storytelling potential of big data and mapping, learning about digital strategies employed in data science, geography, and development that will support various phases of research, production, and evaluation for their own socially-engaged practice.

The Story of Data is comprised of a panel presentation that will be open to the public, followed by a one-day intensive workshop for selected participants only. The labs will guide participants into a deeper examination of the concepts and will allow participants to apply the tools and concepts to their own projects. Selected lab participants are required to attend both the panel and workshop on April 29th and May 4th.

Application Details

  • Applications are due by 5pm EST, 4/2, 2014.
  • Once you have submitted a complete proposal you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Lab admission is free. Travel and accommodation WILL NOT be provided.
  • Apply online.