Kalish Workshop 2014 Dates Announced

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The Kalish Workshop will be holding its next workshop June 6-11, 2014 in Muncie, Indiana.

This five-day storytelling workshop is taught by Emmy and Pulitzer Prize winning editors. Application deadline is April 1st.

The Kalish Workshop

The Kalish Workshop is an inspirational and intense five-day experience in editing visual storytelling. It is designed to benefit anyone who touches photography with a narrative storyline for online and print.

It is a hands-on, collaborative learning environment with daily in-depth discussions and exercises about the best practices to edit, produce and publish successful multimedia and interactive stories. Most faculty attend every session and are accessible to participants (AKA Kalish Kampers) the entire week, making the workshop unique and rewarding in a casual environment.

The end goal: The workshop engages participants to develop an exceptional eye for excellence in visual editing, its value, the process and its purpose in the workplaces of the participants.

Who Should Apply

Professionals from varying backgrounds are encouraged to apply, including radio, non-profit organizations, traditional newsrooms, designers, freelance photographers and editors who work directly with image sequencing, audio and video storytelling. Graduate students and educators also benefit.

It is advantageous for chosen participants to have working knowledge (the ability to do basic functions) in Adobe Premiere¬†and InDesign, but a working knowledge in at least Final Cut, Premiere and/or InDesign is acceptable. Working knowledge of the tools will deepen the experience of the workshop. Participants who don’t know the basics are strongly encouraged to do online training before attending.

Learn more and apply at www.kalishworkshop.org/about.html.