Phillip Toledano Is “The Reluctant Father”

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Photo: Phillip Toledano
Photo: Phillip Toledano

Phillip Toledano became a father at the age of forty. He fell in love with his daughter about a year and a half later. His latest book, The Reluctant Father, follows Toledano’s journey at the beginning of fatherhood.¬†Grappling with the expectations and reality of being a new father, and the vast differences between them, he produces a surprisingly honest, funny, and moving account that he hopes his daughter won’t hold it against him later.

In many ways it is a sequel to the best-selling Days with My Father, a documentation of the three years Phillip spent taking care of his father, who suffered from dementia, and inspired his MediaStorm collaboration, A Shadow Remains.

“When you have a child, she becomes your past, present and future. I not only see myself and [my wife] Carla in Loulou, but I see my parents too,” Phillip says.

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