OS X Mavericks Brings the MediaStorm Field Guide to Your Desktop

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One of the most common questions we get at MediaStorm is, “how can I read your Field Guide if I don’t have an iPad!?!” Thanks to the good folks at Apple, we finally have an alternative for tablet-less storytellers.

The MediaStorm Field Guide joins 1.8 million book titles that are now available on your desktop with the new version of OS X, Mavericks. The free app will allow you to read purchased books and textbooks right from your desktop.

About Our Field Guide

The MediaStorm Field Guide outlines fundamental concepts for gathering multimedia content in the field for documentary films. The guide is based on MediaStorm’s years of experience shooting and producing award-winning projects.

Serving as a quick reference for multimedia teams in the field, the guide covers important concepts from picking appropriate gear, to setting up audio correctly, to shooting b-roll and backing up media.

Additionally, each chapter’s most important points are conveniently repurposed into a series of checklists to make it easy to remember best practices even when on the go.

Featuring in-depth explanations of key concepts and video examples from the MediaStorm Online Training series and the MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop, the MediaStorm Field Guide is a handy companion for professionals and students alike.

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