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I Love Your Work, released today by Jonathan Harris, is an interactive documentary about the private lives of nine women who make lesbian porn.

It consists of 2,202 10-second video clips, taken at five-minute intervals over 10 consecutive days. The full interactive website is limited to just 10 viewers per day, and tickets cost $10 each for 24-hour access.

There’s also a premium package available for $300, which includes one 13×19″ limited-edition archival print of I Love Your Work signed by Jonathan Harris and three 24-hour instant-access tickets to the full interactive website (for yourself or as gifts).

Ten percent of ticket sales is donated to the Sex Workers Project, providing social and legal services to sex workers.

Tickets available at iloveyourwork.net/.

About Jonathan Harris

Jonathan Harris makes projects that reimagine how humans relate to technology and to each other.

Combining elements of computer science, anthropology, visual art and storytelling, his projects range from building the world’s largest time capsule (with Yahoo!) to documenting an Alaskan Eskimo whale hunt on the Arctic Ocean (with a warm hat).

He is the co-creator of We Feel Fine, which continuously measures the emotional temperature of the human world through large-scale blog analysis, and has made other projects about online dating, modern mythology, happiness, anonymity, news, and language. His latest project is Cowbird, a community of storytellers working to build a public library of human experience.