2013 World Press Photo Winners Announced

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First Prize Online Feature. Still from Too Young to Wed.

World Press Photo – First Prize, Online Feature, Too Young to Wed.
World Press Photo has announced the winners of its 2013 Multimedia Competition.

In a press statement this morning, the jury chair Keith W. Jenkins said about the competition, “What we see in the winners this year is a high level of sophistication. The entries were uniformly high in quality. This is an evolving field that each year should and does produce higher quality projects.”

To get a behind the scenes look at the judging process as it was unravelling, check out the World Press Photo 2013 Judging on Storify.

Congratulations to this years winners.

Online Short

First: Into the Shadows
Photography, direction and camera: Pep Bonet, Noor Images
Producer, script and interviews: Line Hadsbjerg, Remarkable World
Sound designer, music and multimedia editor: José Bautista, KanseiSounds

Second: Living with a Secret
Photography, video and production: Arkasha Stevenson, Los Angeles Times
Executive producer: Marc Martin

Third: Aleppo Battleground
Images: Jérôme Sessini / Magnum Photos for Le Monde
Editorial Director: Clément Saccomani / Magnum Photos
Producers: Antonin Sabot and Marie Sumalla / Le Monde
Photo Director: Nicolas Jimenez / Le Monde

Online Feature

First: Too Young to Wed
Executive producer, photographer and additional videographer: Stephanie Sinclair, VII Photo Agency
Director and cinematographer: Jessica Dimmock, VII Photo Agency
Production supervisor: Alina Grosman
Production assistant: Tesfaye Almnew
Translator: Simengnish Yekoye
Post production: Union HZ
Editor: Joshua Banville
Creative director: Jeremiah Zagar
Graphic design: Jonah Birns
Executive producer: Jeremy Yaches
Associate producer: Alice K. Dugan
Translator: Noel Mesfin
Made possible with support from UNFPA
Special thanks: Christian Delsol, UNFPA Media Specialist

Second: Dying For Relief: Bitter Pills
Photography, video and production: Liz O. Baylen, Los Angeles Times
Executive producer: Mary Vignoles

Third: Dreams on freewheels
Director, photographer and video editor: Yang Enze, Southern Metropolis Daily
Producer: Tan Weishan
Text: Yang Enze and Lin Yang
Visual designer: Guan Jian
Sound effects and music: Chi Shuai
Voiceover: Lin Wei
Executive producer: Liang Yin
General producer: Wang Jingchun
Producer: Huang Changkai and Zhuang Shenzhi

Interactive Documentary

First: Alma, a tale of violence
Authors and directors: Miquel Dewever-Plana and Isabelle Fougère
Producers: Alexandre Brachet and Margaux Missika
Photography and camera: Miquel Dewever-Plana
Text and interview: Isabelle Fougère
Drawings: Hugues Micol
Art direction: Sébastien Brothier
Music: Greg Corsaro
Editing: Lydia Decobert
Animation: Jérôme Gonçalvès
Technical director: Maxime Quintard
Flash developer: David Desprès

Second: Bear 71
Direction: Jeremy Mendes and Leanne Allison
Screenwriting: JB MacKinnon
Production: Loc Dao, Dana Dansereau, Rob McLaughlin, Bonnie Thompson and David Christensen
Installation co-creation: Lance Weiler
Web design and development: Jam3

Third: Lost And Found: Discover A Black-And-White Era In Full Color
Producer and reporter: Claire O’Neill, NPR
Designer and developer: Wesley Lindamood

Honorable Mention: Unknown Spring
Director and photographer: Jake Price
Art director and programmer: Visakh Menon

About the World Press Foundation Multimedia Contest

World Press Photo is committed to providing a platform for innovative practice in the field of visual journalism. Photography is converging with other lens-based media. Documentary storytellers around the world are producing exciting work, which complements our established photo contest. With this in mind, World Press Photo has recently established a multimedia contest. There are three categories in the 2013 multimedia contest: Online Short, Online Feature, Interactive Documentary.

Learn more at www.worldpressphoto.org.