Five Days Left to Apply for the MediaStorm Methodology Workshop

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Applications close for the August 13-17 MediaStorm Methodology Workshop next Monday, July 16. Apply now.

Attend the Mediastorm Methodology Workshop

Whether you are a creative leader, an educator, an entrepreneur looking to start your own media company, or a professional interested in learning how to build a foundation for timeless, impactful multimedia, the MediaStorm Methodology Workshop is the right opportunity for you.

The Classroom

The methodology workshop gave me time to stop and step into a different way of seeing journalism. I came away inspired by what’s possible if we commit to a different way of thinking about stories.
John Temple, Managing Editor, The Washington Post

The MediaStorm Methodology Workshop is a five-day intensive workshop held at MediaStorm’s studio in Brooklyn, NY. The workshop is led by MediaStorm founder, Brian Storm, with individual sessions taught by full-time staff members.

Our workshop size is always small (under 15 attendees) to ensure that sessions are lively and personal.

What You Will Learn

You will learn both the operational and creative processes that support the creation of some of the best cinematic narrative projects produced today. And the material will be presented with warmth, humor and a genuine interest in turning the tables to learn what you think about how they do what they do.
Patty Caya, Digital Media Producer

When you leave the MediaStorm Methodology Workshop, you will know how to:

  • Optimize the creative workflow
  • Efficiently and appropriately showcase multimedia work on the web
  • Seek out the essential skills needed to produce effective multimedia
  • Create the right graphics packages for your cinematic narrative
  • Approach basic web design and interactivity
  • Encode for and distribute on various platforms
  • Syndicate and fund your projects
  • Get others on board with your project

All workshop participants will receive a free one-year all access subscription to our online training and a license for our Final Cut 7 and Aperture Workflow.

See what previous participants have to say about the MediaStorm Methodology Workshop.

Other MediaStorm Training Opportunities

MediaStorm offers an array of in-person workshops and online training opportunities. We are offering the following workshops in 2012:

MediaStorm has several opportunities open for late summer and fall 2012. See below for details on internships, upcoming workshops, and careers at MediaStorm.

Apply for MediaStorm’s Fall Internship

Application deadline July 15

MediaStorm is looking for interns. If you’re motivated, highly-organized, and passionate about multimedia, we’d love to hear from you.

We’re looking for experience in multimedia production, design, motion graphics, and/or programming for web. Internships are paid.

Learn more on our careers page or start your application now.

Additional Upcoming Workshops

MediaStorm will be holding the following workshops this summer and fall. Apply now.

MediaStorm Methodology Workshop
This workshop is tailored to professionals who want to integrate MediaStorm methods into their curriculum or approach to storytelling.

All Methodology Workshop participants receive a complimentary one-year subscription to MediaStorm’s online training and our Final Cut 7 and Aperture Workflow

MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop
Collaborate with a team to research, shoot and produce a documentary project in just one week. Work as a field reporter, editor or observer as part of crew dedicated to the telling of one story. See films from previous MediaStorm Storytelling Workshops.

One-Day MediaStorm Workshop
This is a one-day overview session focused on the art of digital storytelling.

Online Training

Our online training modules bring together years of live training experience and award-winning production experience to provide essential information about the ethos and techniques of successful multimedia storytelling. Learn more.

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