MediaStorm Online Training launches The Making Of: A Thousand More

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During the week of July 23, MediaStorm and three Advanced Multimedia Workshop participants shot and edited the short documentary A Thousand More. This new Online Training Module, The Making Of: A Thousand More, takes you behind the scenes of that process.

This educational module invites you to learn about the decisions, both in the field, and within the editing suite that went into the making of A Thousand More. Join a conversation between Producer Eric Maierson, Director of Photography Rick Gershon, and MediaStorm Executive Producer Brian Storm, as they discuss the development of this story through a scene-by-scene break down of the piece.

The Making Of provides over an hour and a half of discussion and exposition on the thousands of decisions that went into the editing and shooting of A Thousand More.

Topics covered include:

  • How the story was found
  • What subject to focus on
  • Working in teams
  • Scene by scene explanation of editing decisions
  • Developing the opening
  • Working with music
  • Shooting techniques
  • Building a scene in video
  • Shot choice
  • Developing the narrative arc
  • Continuity
  • Screen direction
  • Going back to the subjects

Whether you’re an established photographer looking to transition to multimedia storytelling or a student wanting to expand your storytelling skills, MediaStorm’s online training provides a practical overview that will further your multimedia storytelling skills.

Individual and multi-user access are available.

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