MediaStorm welcomes Tim Matsui

20100213_TM_009.nefWe are excited to welcome Tim Matsui as a Spring 2010 intern.

Tim Matsui is a multimedia journalist whose recent work focuses on human trafficking. He is a past Blue Earth Alliance Project Photographer and a recipient of grants from the Open Society Institute, Fund for Investigative Journalism, and King County 4Culture. Tim earned a bachelors degree in journalism, with a minor in geology, from the University of Washington. He is the founder a 501(c)3 non profit using documentary multimedia to create dialog about the lasting effects of sexual violence. Tim co-founded the Travel and Outdoor Photographer’s Alliance and organized several state-of-the-industry panel discussions with leading photographers and editors. The World Affairs Council regularly invites him to speak with international visitors hosted by the US Department of State.

Tim will be spending the next couple of months in Brooklyn with MediaStorm, but is usually based in Seattle where he lives with his Brazilian sweetheart, Luciana, a six year-old boy skilled in the art of Lego battles and ninja moves, a princess of a cat, and a tail-less clown fish not named Nemo.

Interested in interning with us? MediaStorm accepts interns throughout the year, in multimedia production, design, motion graphics, and/or programming for web. The deadline for our fall 2010 Internship is June 15, 2010. See our site for more information.