Projects worth watching

A few recently released projects not to be missed:

Nine-year-old twins Mustapha and Jyeshria know they can’t go to the park unaccompanied. “Your parents need to be there with you, so they can block the bullet,” Jyeshria explains.”

These powerful films and photos by photographer Gideon Mendel share the personal stories of seven women in Lesotho. All are living with HIV but only some have benefited from services to prevent mother-to-child transmission of the virus.

Guardian US correspondent Suzanne Goldenberg examines the surge in support for the Democratic candidate Barack Obama, and the orchestrations of his controlling campaign staff.

Every death is a tragedy. But when someone is murdered, it is an act of violence against the victim, their family, their friends and every one of us. Homicide victims are not just statistics. They are our neighbors and our family. They may be innocent victims or accomplices in their own deaths. And they all deserve to be remembered.