Taking a Stand- Stories that Connect

has a new episode up today- looking at the life of a man following his dream and working for himself. Po is a hot dog stand owner/operator in Madison, WI. He opened up his first roadside hot dog stand over a decade ago, and is still working hard.

“I like doing it, I like working for myself. I used to work here for other people, I know how it is, sometimes I work here in America for other people. Sometimes they treat you ok, sometimes they don’t treat you too good. And they don’t pay you too good either,” Po says.

If you haven’t seen it yet, is the new online home for a couple of TV news vets, who decided they wanted to do things their way.

We first heard of it via , who reports, “WISC news anchor Katy Sai and photographer Jay Olsen were tired of fighting for time to produce longer, relevant stories, so they quit and launched Storybridge.tv. It’s a showcase for in-depth pieces, but more than that, their goal is to create communities around great stories. “We found that communities of people were thirsty for information,” Olsen said. “When you do extended coverage, it allows people to gather around this story thread.”

Lost Remote continues, “They’ve also created a nonprofit arm to Storybridge.tv called StoryFund. “My hope is that we may be able to get grants or charitable donations to support series that are socially valuable but don’t have a natural commercial appeal for companies,” Sai said.” “

For more about what this duo is up to, check out the on Storybridge.tv, and the indepth story from their local paper,